I’m so excited
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°°° I made a bed fort and am incredibly proud of myself °°°


Some make me this!!!

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I hate leaving you
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Julia Cameron on how to get out of your own way and unblock the “spiritual electricity” of creative flow – a timelessly wonderful read from 1992
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Though we have no blood-related ties, this man has acted as my father for eighteen years. He doesn’t need to do the things he does. There is no tie, no responsibility. He could walk away any day he wanted to, if he so chose. But he has stayed.
He’s the one who took me school supply shopping when I was young. He’s the one who sat in a parking lot with me as I tried to learn stick-shift. He’s the one who picked me up from my best friend’s birthday party when I was too drunk. He’s sat on the opposite end of the line on my worst days, through my worst break-ups. He was the one who bought a mug from a restaurant for me just because I expressed interest in its shape; who never babied me, but endlessly did what he could.
He’s taught me that there’s two ways of loving: loving hard and loving soft, and stayed on the phone with me while I cried as I realized that I was one of those people that loved hard, and that it wasn’t always going to be easy.
He is my proof that for some, family is not necessarily just who we are born to, but those we love who we surround ourselves with. It is because of him that I have reached out to grasp a sort of community — that I would give my love endlessly and unconditionally to others, as he has done so for me. That one connection can completely change and shape your life; that it could fill a void in your heart, that it can help you get through the next day; that giving yourself to others can simultaneously light up your life.
This man is my living proof that loving others is — and will always be — the uttermost important thing that we have.
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